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Martin G. Bakker
Associate Professor
1030 Shelby Hall
Education: Undergraduate Degree

BSc, 1980, University of Canterbury

Education: Doctoral Degree

Ph. D., 1985, University of Canterbury

Education: Other

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1985-88, University of Western Australia; Research Associate, 1988-90, Argonne National Laboratory.

Research Interests

Self assembly of surfactants and block copolymers.  Syntheses of hierarchically mesoporous materials, particularly monolithic mesoporous materials, by sol-gel, electrodeposition and nanocasting processes.  Characterization of such materials by electron microscopies, gas adsorption and electrochemical methods.  Use of hierarchically porous materials in catalysis, separations and energy generation, storage and conversion.

Representative Publications

Nanocasting of Hierarchically Porous NiO, Co3O4, Ni, Co and Ag Monoliths: Impact of Processing Conditions on Fidelity of Replication,” Franchessa M. Sayler, Amy J. Grano, Jan-Henrik Smått, Mika Lindén, and Martin G. Bakker*, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 184, 141-150, 2014.

In situ Observation of Sintering of Nickel Nanoparticles during Nanocasting into Mesoporous Silica“, Amy J. Grano, Franchessa M. Sayler, Jan-Henrik Smått and Martin G. Bakker*, Materials Letters, 111, 154-157, 2013.

“Alternative Etching Methods to Expand Nanocasting, and Use in the Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Nickel Oxide, Zinc Oxide and Copper Monoliths,” Amy J. Grano and Franchessa D. Sayler, Jan-Henrik Smått, and Martin G. Bakker*, Journal of Materials Research, 28, 2483-2489, 2013.

Formation of Hierarchically Porous Metal Oxide and Metal Monoliths by Nanocasting into Silica Monoliths,” Jan-Henrik Smått,* Franchessa M. Sayler, Amy Grano, and Martin G. Bakker*, Advanced Engineering Materials, 14, 1059-1073, 2012.

Perspectives on Supercapacitors, Pseudocapacitors and Batteries“, Martin G. Bakker, Rachel M. Frazier, Susan Burkett, Jason E. Bara, Nitin Chopra, Scott Spear, Shanlin Pan, Cailing Xu, Nanomaterials and Energy, 136-158, 1 (3), 2012.

“Electrodeposition of cobalt nanowires on H-terminated conductive Si(111) surfaces using co-block polymer templating”, Michael L Curry*, Kristy Crews, Vishal Warke, Martin Gerard Bakker, Kunlun Hong, Jimmy Mays, Phillip Britt, Xuefa Li, and Jin Wang, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, A, 29, 031401, 2011.

“Correlation between Electrical Conductivity, Relative Humidity and Pore Connectivity in Mesoporous Silica Monoliths”, Franchessa Maddox, Martin G. Bakker*, Jan-Hendrik Småtts and Mika Lindén, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114, 8710-8716, 2010.

“Templated Growth of Metallic and Semiconducting Nanowires and Nanowire Networks“, Martin G. Bakker and Vishal Warke in “Nanowire Research Progress“, Ed. Xiaoyan Xue, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge NY, p15-55, 2008.

“Development of Ordered Mesoporous Semiconductor and Semiconductor Containing Thin Films for Advanced Oxidation Processes”, William A. Adams, Martin G. Bakker*, Hye-Won Oh, and Ashley Baena, “New Research on Hazardous Materials”, Ed. Phillip B. Warev, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, p81-100, 2006.

“Preparation of Mesoporous Silica Templated Metal Nanowire Films on Foamed Nickel Substrates”, Roger Campbell, Martin Bakker*, George Havrilla, Velma Montoya, Edward A. Kenik and Mohammed Shamsuzzoha, Mesoporous and Microporous Materials, 97, 114-121, 2006