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Shane C. Street
Associate Professor
Education: Undergraduate Degree

B. S., 1989, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Education: Doctoral Degree

Ph.D., 1995, University of Illinois

Education: Other

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1995-1997, Texas A&M University

Research Interests

UHV surface science, thin film tribology, and surface chemistry

UHV surface science: Ultrahigh vacuum techniques such as Auger electron spectroscopy, temperature programmed desorption monitored by a quadrupole mass spectrometer, and reflectance-absorbance infrared spectroscopy are used to investigate the interaction of molecules with well-characterized surfaces. Currently, we are investigating the interaction of amine-quinone compounds with iron surfaces. These molecules are models of corrosion inhibitors.

Thin film tribology: Tribology is the study of friction, lubrication, and wear. We are interested in the relationship between the structure of boundary layer (monolayer) lubricants and their frictional properties. We use a sensitive pin-on-disk type tribometer to rub surfaces with well-characterized, self-assembled monolayers and then analyze the surface spectroscopically. We are also working on metal/organic thin films with unique mechanical, structural, and optical properties.

Surface chemistry: As an aid to both of the above research thrusts, we use solution and vacuum phase reactions to make novel surfaces. Current work includes attachment chemistry on technologically important oxides (particularly silica and alumina) and fundamental study of the acid/base characteristics of such surfaces.

Representative Publications

“Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Photoreduction of Copper(II)-Dendrimer Complexes.” Wan, H.; Li, S.; Konovalova, T. A.; Shuler, S. F.; Dixon, D. A.; Street, S. C. J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 1335-1344 (2008).

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“Nanotribological studies of dendrimer-mediated metallic thin films.” Li, X.; Curry, M.; Wei, G.; Zhang, J.; Barnard, J. A.; Street, S. C.; Weaver, M. L., Surf. Coat. Technol., 177-178 504-511 (2004).

“Coverage Dependent Evolution of Two-Dimensional Dendrimer/Mica Domain Patterns.” Xu, F. T.; Street, S. C.; Barnard, J. A., J. Phys. Chem. B, 107, 12762-12767 (2003).

“Kinetic energy influences on the growth mode of metal overlayers on dendrimer mediated substrates.” Curry, M.; Arrington, D.; Street, S. C.; Xu, F. T.; Barnard, J. A., J. Vac. Sci. Techn., A., 21, 234-240 (2003).

“Pattern Formation in Aerosol-Deposited Dendrimer Films.” Xu, F. T.; Street, S. C.; Barnard, J. A., Langmuir, 19, 3066-3070 (2003).

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“Unique Structural and Mechanical Properties of Ultrathin Au Films Grown on Dendrimer-Mediated Substrates.” Street, S. C.; Rar, A.; Zhou, J. N.; Liu, W. J.; Barnard, J. A., Chem. Mater., 13, 3669-3677 (2001).

Chapter in Book: “Chemical and Spectroscopic Studies of Ultrathin Oxide Films,” in The Chemical Physics of Solid Surfaces, V. 8, S. C. Street and D. W. Goodman; D. P. Woodruff, and D. A. King, eds. Elsevier Press: Amsterdam, 1997.