lab equipmentThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers the following degree programs:

Undergraduate majors can pursue ACS-certified degrees in chemistry or biochemistry. Students pursuing an ACS-certified degree can also earn honors in chemistry.

The department also offers a BS degree designed for pre-health students interested in pursuing medical, dental, pharmacy, or another health professional program. More information about preprofessional programs is available from the A&S Student Services Center.

Undergraduate students may pursue a dual degree in chemistry and chemical and biological engineering.

Students interested in science education can earn a general science education certification with a specialization in chemistry.

Master’s students in chemistry choose one of two degree options: Plan I, which requires a thesis; or Plan II, which requires additional coursework but does not require a thesis.

For an overview of all degree programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences (undergraduate) and the UA Graduate School (graduate), visit their respective websites.