Careers in Chemistry

What can I do with my degree after I graduate?

Chemists often refer to chemistry as the central science, because chemistry plays a vital role in nearly every other scientific field. As a result, a degree in chemistry can prepare students for a wide variety of careers, some of which you may have never considered. Below is some information on possible avenues to use your degree as well as some helpful links to other career resources.


The majority of chemists at all levels are hired to work in the chemical industry either as chemists working in the plant or on the bench, or as technically knowledgeable people who work in the business side of the company. These careers offer a wide variety of paths for both entry and advancement.


The second major option for people with degrees in chemistry is as teachers of chemistry at the high school, community college, college, or university level. Most of these positions will require some graduate study in chemistry.


Federal, state, and local governments offer a variety of opportunities for students with chemistry degrees.

Other Fields

Not every student who earns a chemistry degree ends up as a chemist or chemistry teacher. An undergraduate degree in chemistry opens a whole host of opportunities in fields as varied as medicine, law, business, and science. Some of these jobs can be obtained with a BS degree, while others may require additional training in fields other than chemistry.