Dr. Dixon’s research highlighted by DOE

A computational study by Dr. David Dixon and coworkers that shows Bk(5+) and Cf(5+) are unusually stable was recently highlighted by the Department of Energy. The work was originally published in Chemistry–A European Journal (2017, 23, 17369).  These unstable elements are only available in minute quantities, which makes chemical studies difficult.  Through high level computational […]

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Students organize ACS Symposium

Graduate students Michael Ihde, Xiaoli Liang, and Yifei Xu from Dr. Bonizzoni’s group along with Joshua Tropp from the University of Southern Mississippi were selected to organize a student-led symposium in the Division of Analytical Chemistry at the Fall ACS Meeting. The symposium entitled, “Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry” featured a number of leading researchers in the […]

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Dr. Pan Receives UA Research Award

Dr. Shanlin Pan received the Senior Investigator award in the Physical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering division at the UA Faculty Research Day. Each year the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development hosts the UA Faculty Research Day.  Two faculty in at both the senior and junior level are selected […]

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Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards

Congratulations to the students doing research in the Department who received Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards. Amber Gomez Mentor: Dr. David Dixon Title: Computational Studies of the Electron and Fluoride Affinities of Early Actinide Oxides and Oxo-Fluoride Complexes James Howard Mentor: Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy Title: Application of Air-Stable Palladium(II) Precatalysts to Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions and […]

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Dr. Dunkle Receives NIH grant

Dr. Jack Dunkle, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study antibiotic resistance in collaboration with researchers at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.  Antibiotic resistance is a major concern as many of the commonly used antibiotic drugs become ineffective and bacteria […]

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NSF Grant to Fund New MALDI-TOF Instrument

The NSF has announced it will fund a proposal entitled, “MRI:  Acquisition of a high performance matrix-assisted laser ionization dual time-of-flight (MALDI/TOF-TOF) mass spectrometer (MS),” through the Major Research Implementation program.  The proposal led by Dr. Carolyn Cassady will provide funds to purchase a state of the art MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.  The MALDI-TOF instrument will […]

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