Dr. Dixon receives UA Blackmon-Moody award

Dr. David Dixon, Ramsay Professor of Chemistry, received the 2018 Frederick Moody Blackmon and Sarah McCorkle Moody Outstanding Professor Award.  The Blackmon-Moody award recognizes a faculty member for a singular, exceptional, or timely work that brings credit to the profession and The University of Alabama.  Dr. Dixon is recognized for his singular contributions to the field of computational chemistry.  In particular, the development of the Feller-Peterson-Dixon that allows highly accurate chemical calculations to be performed at a lower computational cost.  This method has significantly impacted the field of computational chemistry.  Dr. Dixon has applied this methodology to study problems such as development of new catalyst for conversion of biomass to fuels, improved materials for the capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide, new nuclear fuels for next generation nuclear reactors, new refrigerants with minimal global warming potential, novel chemical approaches for hydrogen storage, and new catalysts for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals.