Graduate Program

Graduate Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in pursuing an advanced degree in chemistry at The University of Alabama. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere that will allow you to learn the theory and practice of chemistry, to begin to make original contributions to the science, and to experience the self-fulfillment of working with dedicated faculty members, students, and postdoctoral associates in areas of common interests. These rigorous programs balance research and coursework to prepare our graduates for careers in industry and academia.

Research Opportunities

Our faculty and graduate students are involved in a wide range of research activities in the traditional areas of chemistry — analytical, biochemical, inorganic, physical, and organic — as well as numerous subdisciplines and interdisciplinary programs, such as materials science, sustainable chemistry, alternative energy, and public health.

The University of Alabama chemists are engaged in a wide range of research projects that are nationally and internationally recognized. Because our faculty’s size is relatively small, each graduate student has the opportunity to broaden his or her background by interacting with faculty members and students who are working in a variety of areas of chemistry. Our students find that broad chemical interests are of great value to them when seeking positions in all areas of scientific inquiry.

Facilities and Technology

Facilities & Technology

In Shelby Hall and elsewhere on campus, we maintain advanced research facilities that provide students with hands-on access to a variety of technology.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers the following graduate programs:

These rigorous programs balance research- and knowledge-focused coursework to prepare our graduates for careers in industry and academia.


Regardless of the degree program or area of specialization, graduate students begin with lecture courses that build necessary competence in their chosen area. Students then focus on research projects under the direction of their research advisors, leading to the writing of a thesis or dissertation.

More Information

Detailed information about the master’s and doctoral programs can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook and the UA Graduate Catalog.

Visit the Department

We encourage all prospective students to visit the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Department visits are a critical component of the process of deciding which program is a good fit for you. We generally advise students to plan to spend at least one full day in the department so they can visit with faculty and graduate students. We will typically cover reasonable travel expenses for any student who has completed their application to the graduate program.

Visits can be arranged any time of year, but we recommend visiting during the regular fall or spring terms to ensure most faculty will be around and available to meet. Most students visit during the late fall or early spring.

The Department hosts a graduate recruiting visitation weekend, which is typically held in late February each year. This event is by invitation and is limited to 15–20 students, but you are welcome to inquire with our Director of Graduate Recruiting regarding plans and possible participation.

Financial Support

Financial Support

Competitive financial support is available to doctoral students through teaching and research assistantships, as well as a variety of fellowships.

More Information

Questions? Our graduate program representatives can guide you to specific information about our programs, courses, and the admissions process.