Dr. Daniela Tapu

Dr. Daniela Tapu

Adjunct Professor


My research interests lie at the interface between organic, organometallic and material science. Carbenes have played an important role as transient intermediates in organic chemistry ever since their first firm evidence of existence. Traditionally in organic textbooks, they are described as non-isolable, highly reactive transient species. Since the discovery of the first isolable imidazole-based carbene, variations of the basic imidazol-2-ylidene structure have proliferated, and these carbenes are finding expanding applications in modern catalysis.

The focus of my research is the synthesis, and structural and spectroscopic characterization of new carbenes derived ligands with novel architectures and their corresponding metal complexes. The properties and structures of these complexes and their roles in catalysis are the subject of my studies. Research efforts are also directed toward the synthesis of new or unusual bonding arrangements, non-linear optic chromophores, and the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with biological activity.

Selected Publications

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