Can I get all of my writing course requirements through chemistry courses?

The chemistry department offers the following courses that satisfy the writing requirements for graduation: Organic Lab II (CH 338, 2 hours), Physical Chemistry Lab (CH 348, 2 hours), Instrumental Analysis (CH 424, 4 hours), Biochemistry Lab (CH 463, 3 hours).

The College requires a total of 6 writing credits for graduation. Students in the ACS-certified chemistry tracks are required to take CH 338, CH 348 and CH 463 or 424, which fulfills the writing requirement. Student in the pre-health track may only take CH 338 and CH 463, which gives them 5 hours of writing courses. Students following this track will need to take an additional writing course outside of chemistry. Since writing courses must be 300- or 400-level courses, it is advisable to plan ahead so that you can take the necessary prerequisites. It is generally best to take the writing course in your minor, if they are available.