How can I get involved in undergraduate research?

All chemistry majors, as well as interested students from other majors, are strongly encouraged to be involved in undergraduate research during their time at UA. Undergraduate research allows students to be involved in the cutting edge of chemical research and learn how science is truly practiced. The skills obtained doing undergraduate research will prove valuable no matter what your ultimate career might entail.

Students interested in doing undergraduate research should explore the research interests of the faculty. Once they have identified one or more faculty members with whom they would be interested in doing research, they should contact the faculty directly to determine if a position is available. Students typically do undergraduate research for class credit (CH 396/398/399 or 497/498/499). The research course is treated like a lab, thus 3 hours of work/week would correspond to 1 credit hour. It is generally advisable to take at least 2 credit hours (6 hours/week) in order to have time to make sufficient progress, although this is up to the research advisor. The amount of work and time schedule can be worked out between the faculty and the student. In some cases, faculty members may have funds available to pay students for doing research, particularly during the summer. Undergraduate research can also be done as a work-study job.