How do I get advised before registration?

All students must meet with an advisor prior to registration for each term. All declared chemistry majors will be assigned a faculty advisor by the director of undergraduate studies. Prior to the registration period each semester, you will be contacted by email with instructions for meeting with your advisor. Typically, sign-up sheets will be placed in the department office (2004 Shelby) allowing you to schedule a meeting time with your assigned advisor. All students should pick up a copy of the registration worksheet from the chemistry office. Prior to meeting with your advisor, determine which courses you think you would like to take for the next semester. If you are sure what you want/need to take, you may fill out the registration worksheet. When you meet with your advisor, he or she will go over your progress and planned schedule to ensure that you are making adequate progress. Once you and your advisor are happy with your schedule, your advisor will sign the registration sheet. Once this has been done, the registration hold will be removed and you will be able to register for classes on your assigned day. Students who have not declared as a chemistry major but would like to be advised in the chemistry department should contact Dr. Michael Jennings to arrange for an advising appointment.