I got a D in a chemistry course. Do I need to retake and get a higher grade before going on to the next course (e.g., to take 102 after getting a D in 101)?

While a grade of D (D-) is technically considered passing, students who earn a grade lower than C- should seriously consider retaking a course before attempting the second semester of a two semester course sequence (i.e. CH 102, CH 232, CH 342). Students who earn lower than a C- will be unlikely to have the necessary knowledge of the subject to succeed in the second semester of the course. The same consideration applies in going from one sequence to the next (i.e. from 102 to 231). While success in general chemistry (101/102) is not a perfect predictor of success in organic chemistry, experience shows that students who earn low grades in freshman chemistry likely will struggle in organic. Students should also be aware that a GPA of 2.0 in their major is required for graduation. Retaking a course will not remove it from your GPA calculation.

Chemistry majors are expected to earn a C- or better before moving on to the next course in the curriculum.