I have AP credit that would allow me to place out of CH 101 and 102. Can I take organic chemistry as a freshman?

Students may place out of CH 101 if they score a 4 on the AP chemistry exam and CH 101 and 102 if they score a 5. If you have placed out of both semesters of freshman chemistry, you would be eligible to begin taking sophomore level courses, such as organic chemistry (CH 231) and quantitative analysis (CH 223), in your first semester. Based on our experiences with students in this situation, however, we would strongly recommend that you at least take one semester of freshman chemistry (102 or 117) before attempting sophomore-level courses. We have found that even very strong students who attempt to go directly into 200-level courses struggle due to the significant jump in expectations from high school, particularly when dealing with the other stresses of adapting to college life. Students are generally much more successful if they first take a semester of freshman chemistry to adapt to college-level chemistry courses before attempting the more challenging 200-level courses. If you are unsure with which course to start, contact Dr. Shaughnessy, director of undergraduate studies, for further advice.