What are the requirements for the honors degree in chemistry?

Requirements for the bachelor of science degree with honors in chemistry are (1) completion of course requirements for the ACS-certified B.S. degree with a major in chemistry; (2) maintenance of a 3.3 GPA in chemistry courses, with no more than one “C,” and of a 3.0 GPA in all coursework; (3) participation in CH 491:492, CH 493:494, honors research seminars, and research courses; (4) submission of an acceptable senior thesis based on research conducted under the supervision of a chemistry department faculty member; and (5) submission of scores on the Graduate Record Examination or other appropriate examinations prior to graduation. Students are invited to apply for admission to the honors program in chemistry on the basis of performance in introductory chemistry courses. Interested students should contact Dr. Jennings, Director of Undergraduate Studies, for more details.