What is the weather like in Tuscaloosa?

Tuscaloosa generally has hot, humid summers, mild winters, and beautiful fall and spring seasons. During the summer (June –September) daily highs are generally 85–95 F (29–35 C) with moderate to high humidity. Nightly lows are generally 65–75 F (18–24 C) during this period, and afternoon thunderstorms are common. During the winter (December–February) daily highs are typically 40–60 F (4–16 C), with lows of 25–40 F (-4–4 C); snow and ice are rare in Tuscaloosa. In the spring (March–May) and fall (October–December), temperatures are generally mild — highs of 65–85 F (18–29 C)and lows of 40–60 F (4–16 C) — with low humidity.