This Handbook will acquaint you with the regulations, requirements, and procedures of the graduate program in Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Alabama. The Handbook covers information that should facilitate your smooth progression through the various degree requirements. The Appendices contain information to assist you in monitoring your progress towards the doctoral degree. In addition, Appendix E contains emergency procedures and safety regulations for working in the laboratory.

Many other publications delineate the University’s specific regulations, requirements and resources. The “Graduate Catalog of the University of Alabama” is the official statement of the Graduate School’s policies, degrees, requirements, and course offerings. This Handbook is not a substitute for any of these publications but augments them with a presentation of the official Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate degree requirements and policies.

The current Graduate Catalog and this Handbook constitute the rules and regulations to which you will be held responsible when your final degree check for graduation is performed. Remember, as the interested party, it is your responsibility to ensure that all program requirements are met in a timely fashion and that the proper forms are obtained, completed, and submitted.