REU 2015 Participants

2015 REU Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Victor Alves Ferreira De Aguiar Brazil Dr. Rupar “Synthesis of Novel Electron-Deficient Conjugated Polymers”
Shawna Blankenship Wofford College Dr. Bowman “Binding Potential Drugs to Cytochrome P450”
Ignatius Bonck Southeast Louisiana University Dr. Snowden “The Effect of Substituents and Geometry on the Asymmetric Reduction of N-isopropoxydiarylimines”
Chance Boudreaux Kennesaw State University Dr. Blackstock “Synthesizing Organic Molecules that Reversibly Change Shape and Color Upon Redox Change”
Jay Law Kennesaw State University Dr. Papish “Ruthenium Dihydroxybipyridine Complexes as Tumor Activated Prodrugs”
Zachary Lee Georgia Southern University Dr. Dixon “Computational Studies of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions ”
Chalynette Martinez-Martinez University of Central Florida Dr. Goebbert “Mass Spectrometry of Explosives”
Josiah Moore Tougaloo College Dr. Woski “Modified DNAs and RNAs”
Amber G. Morales Mississippi College Dr. Vincent “Biochemistry of Chromium”
Rudradatt R. Persaud Piedmont College Dr. Cassady “Mass Spectrometry Studies of Peptieds”
Seth Polansky Spring Hill College Dr. Dixon “Computational Approaches to Advanced Energy Systems-Actinide and Lanthanide Chemistry”
Luke Presson Centre College Dr. Szulczewski “Synthesis of Nanostructured Thermoelectrics”
Binit Sharma Poudel SE Louisiana University Dr. Snowden “The Effect of Substituents on the Asymmetric Reduction of N-benzyloxydiarylimines”
Emily N. Simon Huntingdon College Dr. Frantom “Mechanisms of Carbohydrate Chemistry in Glycosyl-transferase Enzymes”
Santiago Suarez Catawba College Dr. Jennings “New Reagents for Organic Synthesis”
Rachel L. VanOsdol Fairmont State Univeristy Dr. Shaughnessy “New Catalysts for Environmentally Benign Synthesis”