REU 2008 Participants


REU Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Kimberly Anderson Austin Peay State University Dr. Szulczewski Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Chemical Sensors and Catalysis
Awuri Asuru University of Alabama Dr. Busenlehner Heavy Metal Inhibition of DNA Repair Proteins
Victoria Bailey Savannah State University Dr. Timkovich Protein Over-Expression in Genetically Engineered Bacteria
Amber Beg University of North Carolina Dr. Thrasher Polymer Electrolyte Membranes
Nicole Blewett CSU-Sacramento Dr. Nikles Magnetically Triggered Multifunctional Nanoplatform for Cancer Detection and Therapy
Ashley Casey Jacksonville State University Dr. Thrasher Green Chemistry
Felix Fungo Rust College Dr. Dixon Computational Chemistry
Craig Goodwin Erskine College Dr. Vincent Biochemistry of Chromium
CharLé Guyton University of West Alabama Dr. Gupta Synthesis and Characterization of Alumina Template
Jessica Hinton Alcorn St. University Dr. Cassady Mass Spectrometry Studies of Peptides
Cynthia Kaeser University of Cumberland Dr. Street Nanoparticles and Spectroscopy
Camille Makarem Rhodes College Dr. Szulczewski Spin-Polarized Electron Tunneling Through Organic Molecules
Jane Moore Tennessee Wesleyan College Dr. Shaughnessy New Catalysts for Environmentally Benign Synthesis
Rajini Murthy University of Pennsylvania Dr. Kispert Carotenoid Isomer Preparation, Isolation, and Characterization
Carl Saint-Louis Kennesaw St. University Dr. Blackstock Developing New Organic Electrochromics
Daniel Sweat Augusta State University Dr. Blackstock Redox Gradien Dendrimers for Nanoscale Electronic Applications, Molecular Memory and Information Storage
Angelica Trumer Spelman College Dr. Woski Syntehsis of Modified DNAs and RNAs

RET Participants

Name School Professor
Felicia Briggins Greensboro (AL) East HS Dr. Vincent
Deborah A. Harper Amelia Love Johnson HS (Thomasville, AL) Dr. Woski
Ann Jones Aliceville (AL) HS Dr. Cassady
Brenda O’Neal Admiral Moorer MS (Eufaula, AL) Dr. Bakker