REU 2009 Participants


REU Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Breannie Charles Xavier University (LA) Dr. Blackstock Attaching Charge Storage Molecules to Metal Oxide Surfaces
Cody Corbin University of Alabama-Birmingham Dr. Shaughnessy Organometallic Catalysts in Organic Synthesis
Brittney Cousin University of West Alabama Dr. Street Chemical Synthesis of CoPt and Other Magnetic Nanoparticles
Peter Crisologo Asbury College Dr. Busenlehner Heavey Metal Binding by the DNA Repair Protein MutM
Amber Grace Tuskegee University Dr. Vincent Using a Chromium(III) Complex as a Drug for Insulin Resistance
David Johnson Union College Dr. Jennings Synthesis of Natural Products
Andrew Larkins Erskine College Dr. Thrasher New Directions in Fluorous Media Separations and Catalysis
Brittney Metts Kentucky Wesleyan College Dr. Cassady The Use of Proton Transfer Reactions to Explore the Mass Spectrometry Dissociation of Proteins as a Function of Charge State
Kristin Shirey Jacksonville State University Dr. Woski DNA-binding Molecules
Breena Stoner University of Central Florida Dr. Rogers Using Ionic Liquids to Facilitate the Preparation of Advanced Renewable Biocomposite Materials
Michele Stover William Carey University Dr. Dixon Computation Chemistry Studies of Amino Acid Acidities
Aaron Thomas Georgia Southern University Dr. Metzger Rectifiers and Gold Nanoparticles

RET Participants

Name School Professor
Felicia Briggins Greensboro (AL) East HS Dr. Vincent
Shari Jones Amelia Love Johnson HS (Thomasville, AL) Dr. Pan
Leigh McKenzie Eufaula HS Dr. Bakker
Brenda O’Neal Admiral Moorer MS (Eufaula, AL) Dr. Bakker
Jacqueline White Akron East HS Dr. Rogers