REU 2011 Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Joshua Bauth Kennesaw State Dr. Frantom Characterization of Enzyme Mechanisms
Adam Beg The University of Alabama Dr. Thrasher Measurement of Equivalent Weight and Other Properties of New Fluorine-Containing Ionomers
Karson Brooks The University of Alabama Dr. Pan Surface Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy and Molecular Sensing Using Single Molecular Techniques
Daniel Castillo The University of Alabama Daniel Goebbert Mass Spectrometry of Explosives
Anthony Cesnik Gustavus Adolphus College Dr. Thrasher Synthesis of Fluoropolomers Based on Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE)
Stephen Crooke Georgia Southern University Dr. Vincent Chromium as a Therapeutic Agent
Keana Graves Clark Atlantic University Dr. Bakker Bicontinuous Hollo Fiber Membranes via Nanocasting for Fuel Cell Electrodes
Roland Hinojosa University of the Incarnate Word Dr. Blackstock Crystal Structures of the Redox States of Polyaryl Amines
Natalie Hudok Emory & Henry College Dr. Rogers Ionic Liquids for Tomorrow’s New Technologies
Christina Leonard University of Montevallo Dr. Street Extraction of Metal Nanoparticles from their Organic Matrices
Kendra McCraney University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff Dr. Goebbert Mass Spectrometry of Explosives
Chelsea McMillan William Carey University Dr. Cassady Mass Spectrometry of Neutral Peptides
Fraser Mole University of Strathclyde Dr. Pan New Nanostructured Electrodes for Electrocemical Charge Storage Applications
Dustin Morgan University of West Georgia Dr. Snowden Synthesis of Anti-inflammatory/Cancer Chemopreventative Lead Analogs for SAR Studies
Rachel Mustain Mississippi State University Dr. Shaughnessy Synthesis of Water-Soluble Phosphines and Their Application in Metal Catalyzed Reactions
Zachary Riley University of West Alabama Dr. Nikles AlMn Nanoparticles for Future Magnetic Tape Storage Systems
Pahsa Sanders Tuskegee University Dr. Bakker Iron Oxide/Manganese Dioxide/Carbon-Based Electrodes for Advanced Batteries
Stephen Smith University of North Alabama Dr. Woski Synthesis of Molecular-Scale Electronic Components
Rohey Sowe Alabama A&M University Dr. Szulczewski Synthesis and Characterization of Bismuth Chalcogenide Nanostructures for Thermoelectric Materials