Research Support Services

Chemistry Stockroom

Located in 1050 Shelby Hall, the Chemistry Stockroom supports the research and teaching missions of the department.  All department orders are received by the stockroom.  The Chemistry Stockroom also maintains an inventory of commonly used chemicals, cryogens, and lab equipment that can be purchased by research groups on campus.  Students taking 200-400 level chemistry lab courses can purchase replacement lab equipment in Shelby Hall.  Students in 100 level lab courses are served by the General Chemistry Stockroom in the SEC.


  • (205-348-8440),
  • Purchasers from other departments on campus should complete a NEW 2024 DTA Form and bring it with you to the Stockroom to make a purchase.

Glassblowing Shop

glassblowing shop

Located in Shelby Hall, the A&S Glassblowing Shop provides design, construction, and repair services for researchers at The University of Alabama. The shop is managed by Rick Smith, a laboratory glassblower with more than 45 years of experience.


Machine Shop

The A&S Machine Shop builds, modifies and repairs scientific instruments that are used in the sciences.


  • Custom design: Consult with and advise faculty and other researchers on instrumentation design and construction
  • CAD/CAM: We use the CAD program SolidWorks and the Master CAM program to integrate designed parts into 3-axis milling.
  • Milling machines: Currently have a CNC Haas VF5 Mill, CNC Super Mini Mill 2, (3) Bridgeport Mills, (2) drill presses, and (1) tapping machine
  • Engine lathes: CNC Haas TL3 turning lathe, (2) Monarch lathes and a Romi metric lathe.
  • Shearing, brake, rolling, sand blaster machine and marvel horizontal saw
  • Welding: Ultra high vacuum, TIG, MIG, oxygen-acetylene, brazing
  • Stock materials: We stock stainless steel, aluminum, oxygen free copper, brass and many other specialty metals and plastics.
  • Water jet and some wood cutting machines


  • James Pugh, Chief Mechanician, 121 Gallalee Hall, (205) 348-3778,
  • Alan Texada, Mechanician, 121 Gallalee Hall, (205) 348-3778,
  • Michael Perrigin, Mechanician, 121 Gallalee Hall, (205) 348-3778,

Electronic Shop

electronic equipment

The A&S Electronic Shop provides builds, modifies, and repairs electronic components used by researchers in the sciences.


  • Consulting with researchers on equipment needs and specifications
  • Designing, building, and modifying custom components
  • Troubleshooting and repairing inoperable equipment

The shop is located in 134 Gallalee Hall with a satellite in Shelby Hall.


  • Jason Kuykendall, Chief Electronic Technician, 135 Gallalee Hall, (205) 348-4591,
  • William Atkins, Electronic Technician, 1049 Shelby Hall, (205) 348-8439,