Contact the Graduate Program

The following contacts can guide you to specific information about each of our graduate programs and our application process.

Admissions, Visits, Financial Support

Director of Graduate Recruiting
(205) 348-5822

Dr. Papish and the Graduate Recruiting Committee handle admissions and financial support decisions, coordinate visits by prospective students, and generally supervise the department’s recruiting and outreach events.

Graduate Advising, Enrollment, TA Assignments

Dr. Timothy Snowden, Director of Graduate Studies
(205) 348-8550

Dr. Snowden oversees the graduate curriculum and acts as an advisor to our graduate students. He is your best point of contact for questions regarding enrollment, class selection, and TA assignments, and any other questions you might have once you have enrolled in our program.

Application Process, Visits, Faculty Contacts

Contact Mercedes Vinson, the Graduate Program Assistant, regarding the application process.

Mercedes Vinson, Graduate Program Assistant
(205) 348-5955

Contacting Other Faculty Members

If you are interested in working with a specific faculty member, feel free to contact them, but be aware that the graduate recruiting committee, not individual faculty, make all admission decisions. In particular, you do not need to contact specific faculty to gain admission to their group before applying to the graduate program.

Preparing for and Succeeding in Grad School

If you’d like more general information about preparing for and succeeding in graduate school, we recommend checking out the American Chemical Society’s resources for college students.