Undergraduate Program

Suggested Plan of Study: Bachelor’s in Chemistry (Pre-Health Track)

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Semester / Year Courses
Fall Year 11 Gen Chem I: CH 101/117 (4 hrs)
Calculus I: MATH 125/145 (4 hrs)2
Biology I: BSC 114-115/118 (4 hrs)
English Comp: EN 101/103 (3 hrs)3
Total: 15 hrs
Spring Year 11 Gen Chem I: CH 102/118 (4 hrs)
Biology II: BSC 116-117/120 (4 hrs)
English Comp: EN 102 (3 hrs)3
Electives/Minor: 6 hrs4
Total: 15-17 hrs
Fall Year 21 Quantitative Analysis: CH 223 (4 hrs)
Organic I: CH 231 (3 hrs)
Physics I: PH 105/125 (4 hrs)
Elective/Minor: 3-6 hrs4
Total: 14-17 hrs
Spring Year 21 Organic II: CH 232 (3 hrs)
Organic Lab I: CH 237 (2 hrs)
Physics II: PH 106/126 (4 hrs)
Elective/Minor: 6 hrs4
Total: 15 hrs
Fall Year 3 Organic Lab II: CH 338 (W) (3 hrs)5,6
Elem Phys Chem: CH 340 (3 hrs)
Elem Phys Chem Lab: CH 343 (1 hr)
Elective/Minor: 9 hrs4
Total: 16 hrs
Spring Year 3 Electives/Minor: 15 hrs4
Total: 15 hrs
Fall Year 4 Biochemistry I: CH 461 (3 hrs)6,7
Electives: 12 hrs4
Total: 15 hrs
Spring Year 4 Biochemistry II: CH 462 (3 hrs)8
Biochemistry Lab: CH 4639 (W)5 (3 hrs)
Elective/Minor: 9 hrs4
Total: 15 hrs


  1. Alternative numbers represent honors versions of these classes.
  2. Depends on math placement/AP credit. Students should take the highest math for which they place and continue until completing at least Calculus III.
  3. Depending on English placement/AP credit. Students taking EN 103 can do so in either semester and do not need EN 101/102.
  4. General education requirements: freshmen composition (6 h), foreign language or computer science (6 h), humanities, literature, and fine arts (12 h), history and social and behavioral sciences (12 h). Students must take a 2-semester sequence in either literature or history. Natural science and math requirements will be met in the Chemistry major. A minor is required in this degree.
  5. Writing courses. Students in this track will need one additional writing course outside of chemistry. Students should explore writing courses in their minor.
  6. Offered fall only
  7. Pre-medical students should take Biochemistry I in the fall of year 3 to be prepared for the MCAT. Students could continue to Biochemistry II in the spring of year 3 if desired.
  8. Offered spring only
  9. Students who complete Biochemistry in the third year can take CH 463 in fall of the fourth year if desired.