Prerequisite Override Request Form

This form should only be used by students who plan to register for a chemistry course for which they do not currently have the necessary prerequisite on their UA transcript, but who will complete the necessary prerequisite prior to the beginning of the next term. For example, a student planning to take CH 231 in the fall who will take CH 102, or an equivalent transfer course, during the summer term can use this form to receive an override to register for the CH 231 course.

Note that prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of the semester when you plan to take the subsequent course.  Exceptions to this must be requested from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Who should use this form?

  • Students planning to register for a chemistry course for which they do not have the necessary prerequisite course on their UA transcript.
  • Students who will take the necessary prerequisite course at another institution prior to taking the desired UA chemistry course.
  • Students planning to take a series of UA chemistry courses during summer sessions (summer I and II) and/or fall.  For example registering for CH 101 in summer 1, CH 102 in summer 2, and CH 231 in fall.  In this case overrides would be needed for the CH 102 and CH 231 courses.

Who should not use this form?

  • Students needing an override to take a non-chemistry course.  Contact the department where that course is housed.
  • Students currently enrolled in a course that will serve as a prerequisite for a chemistry course in the subsequent term.  For example, a student currently enrolled in CH 101 does not require an override to register for CH 102 in the following semester.
  • Students seeking to transfer credit for a course.  Assigning credit for transfer courses is handled by the registrar’s office.  Students transferring credit need only complete this form if they will use the transfer credit to register for a subsequent course prior to having the transfer credit appear on their UA transcript.

If you have questions about this form, please contact the undergraduate programs assistant, Mrs. Sabrina Mcgrew.