Software Licenses


UA has a site license for the ChemBioDraw Office Suite.

Enter your email address. After confirming that you are eligible to access the program, you should be directed to the CambridgeSoft Fulfillment System page where you can download the software. An access code will be emailed to the address you used to access the software.

You may be asked to create a user account. If so, create your account and then close the ChemDraw page. Repeat the process above using the same email address to access the program.


Chemistry also has a license for ChemDoodle, an alternative chemical structure drawing program. The ChemDoodle registration and software download links are:

Mnova Lite

UA has a site license to the Mnova Lite NMR processing software. To obtain this license, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Mnova lite program
  2. Obtain the license file from OIT website
  3. Save the license file to your computer
  4. Open Mnova > Go to Help/Get-Install > Click Install
  5. Navigate to the license file saved in Step 1 and double click it.

ACD ChemSketch

ChemSketch is a suite of programs that will allow you to draw chemical structures and view them in a variety of ways, including as three-dimensional models. This program will be particularly useful to students taking organic chemistry classes and labs. ACD ChemSketch is freeware, so you can use most of the features without registering the program; UA also has a site license for the full version of ChemSketch that may be used by faculty, staff, and students of The University of Alabama.

Using ChemSketch in the computer lab in Nott Hall

If you are on a College of Arts and Sciences computer in the computer lab in Nott Hall, the ChemSketch software is already installed. Go to Start > Chemistry > ACD Labs > ChemSketch and double-click to launch the software.

Downloading ChemSketch to your own computer

  1. Copy the registration code for UA’s ChemSketch site license: 9NS4G0G011VCHB1U6B. This code is case sensitive (all letters are upper case). You will need this code to complete the registration.
  2. Go to
  3. Follow the instructions to download and install the program.
  4. Enter the registration code.