Congratulations, Spring 2013 Graduates!

Congratulations to the chemistry students receiving degrees at the May commencement ceremony:

  • PhD
    • Mier An – Inhibition of an E. Coli Glycosylase, MutM, by Non-Native Metals
      Advisor: Dr. Laura Busenlehner
    • Franchessa Maddox Sayler – Synthesis and Appilcation of Hierarchically Porous Metal and Metal Oxide Monolithic Materials
      Advisor: Dr. Martin Bakker
    • Preethi Vennam – Study of Semiquinone Intermediate in Cyctochrome bc1 Complex
      Advisor: Dr. Michael Bowman
  • MS
  • ACS-certified BS
    • Jeremy Scott Archer, summa cum laude
    • Daviod C. Beretta
    • Johan Hendrik Both, magna cum laude
    • Karson S. Brooks, summa cum laude
    • Samuel J. Dotson, summa cum laude
    • Nicholas J. Izor, cum laude
    • Landon R. Mueller, magna cum laude
    • Qunton E. Shockley
    • Stephen A. Walker, summa cum laude
  • BS
    • Sarah K. Adams, magna cum laude
    • Margaret G. Apperson, summa cum laude
    • Andrew J. Mills, IV, cum laude
    • Neil Patel
    • Francisco D. Paulino, cum laude
    • Alexandria C. Sims, cum laude
    • Jason R. Snider