Congratulations December Graduates

The Department congratulates students who received degrees at the December 2021 commencement ceremony.

  • PhD
    • Dr. Chance Boudreaux, Electronic Effects in Multidentate Pyridinol and N-Heterocyclic Carbene Based Ligands for Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbon Dioxide Reduction
      Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Papish
    • Dr. Katie Keane, Synthesis and Photo-Electro Switching of New Multi-Flexor Azobenzenes
      Advisor, Dr. Silas Blackstock
    • Dr. Mohamed Nasef, Investigation of the RNA-Protein Structure-Function Relationships in the CRISPR-CAS10 Complex and Erythromycin-Resistance RNA Methyltransferases
      Advisor, Dr. Jack Dunkle
  • MS
    • Francis Acquaye
    • Chioma Akor
    • Franki Carroll
    • Rajleen Gogar
    • Wenzhi Yao
  • ACS-Certified BS
    • Taraneh Barjesteh
    • Kilmer Bennewitz, cum laude
    • Marjorie Bowman
    • Anh Ngoc Nguyen
    • Mary Thompson, summa cum laude
  • BS
    • Edna-Elizabeth Curry
    • Kailey Cudney
    • Maya Owens