REU 2003 Participants

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2003 Participants

REU Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Sara Burdette Eastern Kentucky U. Dr. Vincent Separation Chemistry
Joseph Chambers State Univ. of W. Georgia Dr. Rogers Ionic Liquids as Green Alternative Solvents
William Childs Davidson College, NC Dr. Redding Re-engineering Photosynthesis to Destroy Environmental Pollutants
Lisa Fox Georgia Southern U. Dr. Redding Redirecting Biological Electron Transfer
Lillian Fondren Univ. of Montevallo, AL Dr. Bakker Laser Flash Photolysis Transient Absorption and Time Resolved EPR
Matthew Hennek Gustavus Adolphus Coll., MN Dr. Thrasher Trifluoromethyltrimethylsilane (Ruppert’s Reagent) for Synthesis of New Main-Group and Transition Metal Compounds
Joanie Isom Columbus St. U., GA Dr. Woski Synthesis of Building Blocks for Molecular Electronics
Jonathan King Univ. of Alabama Dr. Arduengo Hydrogen Bonding Network Involving Imdazolium Ions
Thomas Millstead Midland College, TX Dr. Cassady Calculations of Peptide Structure as They Relate to Mass Spectrometry
Michael Parker U. of North Alabama Dr. Szulczewski Thermal Desorption of Mercury from Gold Surfaces
Deidre Sandrock Washington and Jefferson College, PA Dr. Shaughnessy Synthesis of Novel Chelating, Water-Soluble Phosphines
Jason Spruell Univ. of Alabama Dr. Blackstock Thianthrene-S-Oxide Electron Donor-Acceptor Lattices. Exploration of Sulfoxide Donora-Acceptor Bonding
Christopher Thode Ripon College, WI Dr. Nikles Synthesis and Surface Chemistry of FePt Nanoparticles
Tina White Univ. of Alabama Dr. Metzger Langmuir Blodgett Films of Organic Rectifiers

RET Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Virginia Cole Central HS, Tuscaloosa, AL Dr. Woski Nucleic Acids Chemistry
Anne Jones Aliceville HS, Aliceville, AL Drs. Bertsch and Bakker Improved Sample Preparations and Separations
Janis Mabry Tuscaloosa County HS Dr. Nikles Sensors for Biomolecules
Tameka Shamery Hale County HS, AL Dr. Rogers Teaching Module for Green Chemistry Separations in High School
Jacqueline White Akron Community HS East, Akron, AL Dr. Kispert Separations of Carotenoids