REU 2006 Participants

REU participants
L to R: Kieth Bentley, Bryan Wiggins, Dr. John Vincent, Allison Arrendale, Joanna Smith, Ashley Hunter, Dr. Stephen Woski, Kimberly Smith, MIchelle Harris. Not pictured, Joshua Dolphin.

REU Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Allison Arendale Berry College Dr. Cassady Mass Spectrometry Studies of Peptides
Keith W. Bentley University of Alabama Dr. Arduengo Organophosphorus Valence Confused Systems
Joshua Dolphin University of Alabama Dr. Arduengo Unusual Bonding Arrangements
Michelle Harris Alabama A&M University Dr. Redding Purification of a Bacterial Protein via Genetic Modification
Ashley D. Hunter Shelton State Community College Dr. Arduengo Hydrogen Storage with Novel Valence Structures
Joanna M. Smith University of Alabama Dr. Shaughnessy Metal-Catalyzed Modification of Biomolecules
Kimberly Smith University of North Alabama Dr. Street Dendrimer-Based Nanocomposites
Bryan Wiggins Alabama A&M University Dr. Szulczewski Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscopic Studies On Organic Molecules