REU 2007 Participants

2007 REU participants (L to R): Dr. John Vincent, Deletria Battle, Carl Shamburger, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Justin Kriel, Andrika Cooper, Clayton Owens, Laura Locantro, Keith Bentley, Dr. Stephen Woski

REU Participants

Name School Professor Research Focus
Deletria Battle Alabama A&M University Dr. Street Dendrimer-based Nanocomposites
Keith W. Bentley University of Alabama Dr. Vincent Agents for Diabetes
Andrika Cooper Southern University Dr. Woski DNA Binding Molecules
Justin Kriel Austin Peak State University Dr. Szulczewski Chemical Sensors
Laura Locantro Louisiana Tech University Dr. Jennings Organic Synthesis
Clayton Owens Kennesaw State University Dr. Arduengo Hydrogen Storage
Kristen Fitzpatrick University of Alabama Dr. Snowden Safe, Affordable Approach to the One-Carbon Homologation of Carboxylic Acids
Carl Shamburger Alabama A&M University Dr. Cassady Mass Spectrometry of Peptides

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