Congratulations Graduates

We congratulate the students who earned degrees in the December commencement ceremony.

  • PhD
    • Dr. Matthew Davenport, Investigation of Structural Changes in Vanadium Containing Transition Metal Oxides
      Advisor: Dr. Jared Allred
    • Dr. Kristina Probasco, Methodological Studies of α-Halogenated Carbonyls and the Synthetic Investigation of Dihydroresorcylide
      Advisor: Dr. Michael Jennings
    • Dr. David Warner, Enhancing Thermal Isomerization Rates of Redox Auxiliary – Appended Azobenzenes via Redox Auxiliary Catalysis
      Advisor: Dr. Silas Blackstock
  • MS
    • Marcos Mason
    • Andrea Nuñez León
    • Amala Phadkule
    • Daniel Speed
  • ACS-Certified BS
    • Jeremy Cruz
    • Casey Fulkerson, summa cum laude
    • Chad Podsednik
    • Rory Sharkey, summa cum laude
    • Veronica Shuger, summa cum laude
    • Nicholas Woodall
  • BS
    • Lydia Chandler
    • Melanie Cottrell
    • Maegan Madden, summa cum laude
    • Jeni Marritt
    • Austin Melnyk, magna cum laude
    • Jacob Ricketts, summa cum laude
    • Aliyyah Shaheed
    • Dillon Sinanan