Congratulations Summer Graduates

Congratulations to the students receiving degrees at the summer commencement ceremony.

  • PhD
    • Dr. Can Cui, The Deprotonation and Dissociation of Amino Acids and Peptides by Negative Ion Mode Mass Spectrometry
      Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Cassady
    • Dr. Kyle Edwards, Chromium(III) Interaction with Transferrin and Transferrin Receptor
      Advisor: Dr. John Vincent
    • Dr. Zachary Lee, Computational Predictions for the Interaction of Lewis Acid Gases with Each Other and with Materials of Interest
      Advisor: Dr. David Dixon
    • Dr. Rudradatt Persaud, Computational Studies of Transition Metals and Small Molecules
      Advisor: Dr. David Dixon
    • Dr. Lyndi Strange, Metal Dichalcogenides for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, CO2 Reduction and their Photoluminescence Spectroelectrochemistry
      Advisor: Dr. Shanlin Pan
    • Dr. Yifei Xu, Pattern-Based Discrimination of Carboxylic Acids in Aqueous Media and on Solid Supports
      Advisor: Dr. Marco Bonizzoni
  • MS
    • Xin Kang
    • Jacob Scantland
    • Yifei Xu
  • BS
    • Melanie Cottrell
    • Julianna Harding
    • Caroline Krieger, magna cum laude
    • Micholas Thompson
    • Joshua Watts