Congratulations winter 2022 graduates

The department congratulates the following students who received degrees during the Winter 2022 Commencement ceremony.

  • PhD
    • Dr. Jabeen Abbasi, Studies of Tetrahedral Substituted Magnetic Chromium-based Chalcospinel Thin Films for Spintronic Applications
      Advisor: Dr. Arun Gupta
    • Dr. Mahendra Acharya, Chemical Vapor Deposition of Bismuth Ferrite-based Multiferroics for Device Applications
      Advisor: Dr. Arun Gupta
    • Dr. Avi Benitah, Investigating the Stability of Non-natural Nucleosides in DNA:DNA Duplexes
      Advisor: Dr. Stephen Woski
    • Dr. Corrie Burlas, An Evaluation of the Ligand Effects on Neopentyl Phosphine Derived Precatalysts for N-Arylation Reactions and for the Cross-Coupling of Aryl Acetylenes with Propargyl Alcohols and Amides
      Advisor: Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy
    • Dr. Jen Yu Chang, The Synthesis of Anionic and Amine Containing Polymers for Potential Gas Separations
      Advisor: Dr. Paul Rupar
    • Dr. Lisa Fealy, Stereoselective Electrophilic Additions to α-Trialkylsilyl-β,γ-Unsaturated Esters
      Advisors: Dr. Michael Jennings, Dr. Marco Bonizzoni
    • Dr. Benjamin Headford, Development of Modular Synthetic Pathways towards Novel P-Unsymmetric Bidentate Ligands
      Advisor: Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy
    • Dr. Marcos Mason, Computational Studies of Interactions between Transition Metals and Main Group Elements
      Advisor: Dr. David Dixon
    • Dr. Jordan Pierce, Synthesis and Application of Air-stable Secondary Phosphine Oxide, Oxime, and Amine-phosphine Palladium(II) Complexes in Transfer Hydrogenation and Cross-coupling Reactions
      Advisor: Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy
    • Dr. Top Bahadur Rawot Chhetri, Structural Instability and Electronic Transition in NbxV1-xO2
      Advisor: Dr. Jared Allred
    • Dr. Anna Seal, Investigation of the Utility and Limitations of α-Trialkylsilyl-β-Alkyl(Aryl)-α,β-Unsaturated Esters
      Advisors: Dr. Michael Jennings, Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy
    • Dr. Ambar Shrestha, Synthesis of Substituted Phthalocyanines, Incorporation into Hierarchically Porous Carbons and Faujasites and Evaluation as Heterogenous Catalysts
      Advisor: Dr. Martin Bakker
  • MS
    • Hasan Ul Iqbal
    • Danielle McGaha
    • Ambar Shrestha
  • BS
    • Hannah Benton
    • Brett Buchheit
    • Myka Garrett, cum laude
    • Emily Mauer, summa cum laude
    • Janaé Montgomery
    • Nathan Parker, ACS-certified, summa cum laude
    • Katherine Repke, magna cum laude
    • Ginnie Saunders, ACS-certified, cum laude
    • Christian Ward
    • Eli Wilson