Department Student Awards Announced

During Honor’s week festivities, the department announced the recipients of departmental awards.

  • Outstanding General Chemistry Student Award:  Henry Brunson, AGela McPike, Claire Kennedy, Elena Kuehner, Nicholas Nobile, William Ford, Abigail Pecoraro, Nolan McKibben, Isabella Le
  • Outstanding Nursing Chemistry Award: Samantha Elliott
  • Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student Award: Logan kelly, Kaleb Kovitch, Liz Gokie, Reid Lunsford
  • ACS Analytical Chemistry Award: Caleb Buell
  • ACS Physical Chemistry Award: Jonathan Brower, Madeline Thomas
  • ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award: Nathan Parker
  • ACS Organic Chemistry Award: Joy Becher
  • Outstanding Junior Chemistry Major Award: Christian Albrecht, Allison Rhoads
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award: Anne Roberts
  • American Institute of Chemists Award: Emily Blevins
  • Outstanding Chemistry Scholar Award: Evan Phillippi
  • Outstanding First Year Graduate Teaching Award: Sachini Lokusuriya
  • Outstanding Second Year Graduate Student Award:  Damian Duda, Divya
  • Outstanding Third Year Graduate Student Award: Logan Smith
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Yiqin Hu