Advising Information

Advising Information for Chemistry Majors


Suggested degree plans:  These provide a year by year plan for completing the chemistry degree options

Academic advisors:  Each chemistry major is assigned to an academic advisor in chemistry.  Information on your assigned advisor will be sent out each semester prior to the registration period.  You may also contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies to ask who your advisor is.

Preregistration advising:  Advising for chemistry majors will be provided each semester prior to the beginning of registration for the following semester.  The normal advising period will begin the week prior to registration and continue through the registration period .  You will receive an email from the department a few weeks prior to the beginning of advising with information on making an appointment with your advisor.  First year chemistry majors should meet with their assigned A&S advisor prior to registration.  Students in their second year or higher should meet with their chemistry advisor.

Advising meetings:  When you meet with your advisor to discuss classes for the next semester, come prepared with your planned courses as well as any questions you have.  You should fill out the advising worksheet prior to meeting with your advisor.  After your advisor and you have agreed upon a set of courses, both you and the advisor will sign off on the form.  Once this has been done, your PIN will be cleared for registration.  You are encouraged to meet with your advisor in advance of when you become eligible to register for courses.

General advising:  If you need to speak to an advisor outside of the preregistration advising period, you may contact your academic advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Course Overrides:  If you need an override due to a prerequisite issue, you may request this using the Prerequisite Override Request Form.

Transfer courses and course substitutions:  If you have questions about applying transfer courses or substituting courses in the major, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.