Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards

Congratulations to the students doing research in the Department who received Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards.

  • Amber Gomez
    Mentor: Dr. David Dixon
    Title: Computational Studies of the Electron and Fluoride Affinities of Early Actinide Oxides and Oxo-Fluoride Complexes
  • James Howard
    Mentor: Dr. Kevin Shaughnessy
    Title: Application of Air-Stable Palladium(II) Precatalysts to Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions and C-H Activeation of Pyridine N-Oxides
  • Addison Iszler
    Mentor: Dr. Marco Bonizzoni
    Title: Noncovalent Interactions in PAMAM Dendrimer Analogues
  • Elliot Lakner
    Mentor: Dr. David Dixon
    Title: Structural and Electronic Properties of Pd Clusters: Catalyst Models
  • Donna Xia
    Mentor: Dr. David Dixon
    Title: Actinide Aqueous Hydrolysis Reactions: Initial Steps in Actinide Aggregation

Donna Xia also received the Henry Pettus Randall, Jr. Scholarship as the highest rated project by a Randall Scholars Program student.