Lester Andrews Symposium Award Winners

Chemistry graduate students received three of the six presentation awards at the Lester Andrews Graduate Research Symposium hosted by Mississippi State University.  Award recipients were:

  • 1st place oral presentation:  Kerry Barnett, advisor Dr. Shaughnessy
  • 3rd place oral presentation:  Michael Ihde, advisor Dr. Bonizzoni
  • 3rd place poster presentation:  Jennifer Shankwitz, advisor Dr. Szulczewski


May 2016 Chemistry Graduates

The Department congratulates the students who received degrees at the May Commencement ceremony

  • PhD
    • Jordan Entrekin, “Construction of Chiral Polysubstituted Oxacycles by Novel Jocic Reactions and Synthesis of a NewCytochrome-P450 Photoafinity Label.”  Advisor: Timothy Snowden
    • Christopher Griggs, “Ionic Liquids and Chitinous Biomass: Materials, Synthesis, and Applications for Uranium Sequestration.” Advisor: Robin Rogers
    • Clifton Watkins, “Surface Modification of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles.” Advisors: David Nikles and Shane Street
  • MS
    • Jackson Albert
    • Alan Evans
    • Alyshah Lakhani
    • Benjamin McCormick
    • Shanna Phillips
    • Pandora White
  • ACS-certified BS
    • Kieran Bhattacharya, summa cum laude
    • Erin Hein, summa cum laude
    • Rachel Honan, magna cum laude
    • William Jackson
    • Kyle Johnson
    • Jordan Kurdi
    • Katie Kuykendall, summa cum laude
    • Sean Miller, summa cum laude
    • Julia Murphy, summa cum laude
    • Shanna Phillips, summa cum laude
    • Jeramie Rushing, summa cum laude
    • Colin Treager, magna cum laude
  • BS
    • Katheryn Adam, magna cum laude
    • Kari Besing, summa cum laude
    • Trinicia Bodden
    • William Copeland, magna cum laude
    • Maya Crawford, cum laude
    • Sarah Fleisher, summa cum laude
    • Ryan Hacherl, magna cum laude
    • Katlyn Hughes, summa cum laude
    • Alana Joiner
    • Elle Kaplan, summa cum laude
    • Whitney Miller
    • Haddon Mullins, magna cum laude
    • Jocelyn Newman, summa cum laude
    • Joshua Payne
    • Kristen Sabino, cum laude
    • James Vegrzyn, magna cum laude
    • Sarah Young
  • Dual Chemistry-Chemical Engineering BS
    • Alexander Hebert, summa cum laude
    • Timothy Holt, summa cum laude
    • John Massey
    • Calvin Miller, magna cum laude
    • Max Mittenthal, summa cum laude
    • Wesley Taylor, summa cum laude
    • Shuwen Yue, summa cum laude

Chemistry Honors Convocation

Chemistry students were recognized for the academic and research accomplishments during the 2016 Chemistry Honors Convocation on April 8th, 2016.  This event is part of the University Honors Week.  Departmental award recipients were:

  • Outstanding General Chemistry Student:  Andrea Anger, Jake Coburn, Matt Comeau, Alexandra Huechteman, Patrick Jesup, Abigail Kappelman, Hanna Kim, Kaitlyn Wineberry, Emily Mandel, Tyler Morgan, Grace Siy, Jessica Thompson, Erin Washington
  • Outstanding Nursing Chemistry Student:  Thuy Truong
  • Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student:  Andrew Rice, Natalie Kidd, Benjamin McGowan, Connor Meyers, Caitlin Curtis
  • Outstanding Analytical Chemistry Student: Natalie Kidd
  • ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award:  Sarah Baudendistal
  • ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Award:  Shanna Phillips
  • Outstanding Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award:  John Lundeen, Rachel Kress
  • Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student Award:  Shuwen Yue
  • American Institute of Chemists Award:  Katie Kuykendall and Kindle Williams
  • Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award:  Ariel Kelley
  • Outstanding Second Year Graduate Student Award:  Xiaoli Liang and Tabitha Sutch
  • Outstanding Third Year Graduate Student Award:  Hongda Cao
  • Outstanding Chemistry Dissertation Award:  Ashley Jolly
  • Outstanding Chemistry Dissertation Research Award:  Zhichao Shan
  • Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student Award:  Garima Kumar

DSC_0153 DSC_0154

Gamma Sigma Epsilon inducts 2016 class

The Delta Beta chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, a national chemistry honorary society, inducted the 2016 class on April 7th.  Students majoring or minoring in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering are eligible for GSE after completing 14 credit hours of chemistry courses with a B+ average or better.

2016 inductees are:  Amira Abbas, Madison Brooks, Nicole Chambers, David Charles, Caroline Cunningham, Matthew Delaha, Kyle Furrow, Sara Guertin, Jackson Gunter, Sarah Howard, Addison Iszler, Natalie Kidd, Alexander Lalisan, Christopher Mayhugh, Scott McCormick, Tucker McMillen, Connor Meyers, Benjamin Michaels, Anna Parker, Daniel Patterson, Tinsley Roberson, Lara Scott, Alexander Shaver, Andrea Shull, Zachary Simmons, Melissa Uehling, Julie Weaver, Matthew Wilson


Gupta receives Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Arunava Gupta, Distinguished Research Professor Chemistry and Chemical & Biological Engineering, will receive the Burnum Distinguished Faculty award on April 20th.  The Burnum award recognizes outstanding UA faculty who have excelled in research and teaching at the Capstone.  Dr. Gupta is a world leading research in nanomaterials with applications in information data storage and energy storage.  Dr. Gupta will present the award lecture on April 20th at 4:30 PM at the Childhood Development Center.

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Congratulations December 2015 Graduates

The Department congratulates the students who received degrees in the December graduation ceremony.

  • BS Degree
    • Casey Dalton
    • Logan Ford
  • ACS-Certified Degree
    • Sarah Baudendistel
    • Jacob Owens
  • MS Degree
    • Savannah Reach
    • Preshus Robertson
  • PhD Degree
    • Kimberly Anderson, “The Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Chalcogenide-PEDOT: PSS PolymerComposites for Thermal Energy Conversion.”
      Advisor: Prof. Greg Szulczewski
    • Steven Kelley, “Isolation of Soft Donor Complexes of D- and F- Block Metals Using Ionic Liquids.”
      Advisor: Prof. Robin Rogers
    • Garima Kumar, “Investigation of Regulatory and Functional Diversity in an Enzyme Superfamily.”
      Advisor: Prof. Patrick Frantom
    • Alie Mallet, “Pattern-Based Recognition in Supramolecular Sensing Ensemble.”
      Advisor: Prof. Marco Bonizzoni
    • Carrie Jo Pruitt, “Gas Phase Ion Energetic Studies via Photoelectron Imaging and Energy Resolved Mass Spectrometry.”
      Advisor: Prof. Daniel Goebbert
    • Carl Saint-Louis, “Control of Molecular Geometries Using New Photo-Electro-Switchable Azobenzenes.”
      Advisor: Prof. Silas Blackstock


Frantom Selected for SEC Faculty Travel Program

Prof. Patrick Frantom has been selected as one of the participants in the SEC Faculty Travel Program for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Prof. Frantom will travel to the University of South Carolina to present a seminar on his research.  He will also lead a symposium on hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry for the faculty and students in the USC Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Prof. Arduengo reports synthesis of complex compounds from wood-based materials

Collaborative research from Prof. Anthony Arduengo and Prof. Til Opatz (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) on the synthesis of complex organic products in which all of the product carbons are derived from wood-based materials (xylochemicals).  The synthesis of ilicifoline was reported in Angewandte Chemie and was highlighted with the cover art work. The work has recently been highlighted by phys.org and Azocleantech.  Prof. Arduengo and Prof. Opatz’s research seeks to use renewable chemicals derived from wood products in place of chemicals derived from petroleum products. “Wood, a renewable resource that’s easily accessible, offers the opportunity to directly harvest a wide range of building blocks with diverse chemistries and structures that can then be used to build materials for the modern world,” according to Prof. Arduengo. “Just imagine a modern ‘oil boom’ or ‘gusher age’ that is not based on oil and petrochemicals, but rather the renewal resource of wood – a ‘Xylochemical’ revolution or boom.  Alabama, with its extensive well-managed forests, is center stage for this new technological and economic boom.”

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